I always have such a wonderful experience at Tipperary! The staff are great and I love my children's haircuts!.

Lauren Harris12

I love Tipperary! It's fun and hip. My kids hair always look great! The best place in Beverly Hills to take your kids for haircuts!


Fabulous children's hair salon! My kids love the cookies and video games. Don't take your children to any other salon. I made that mistake once, never again. Tipperary is the only place for my kids. Also they just lowered their prices.

Blair K

was doing a fashion shoot in Beverly Hills for my local Riverside Magazine, "Posh Underground". We brought our own talent with us which consisted of a group of seven children ranging in ages from 4 - 12. Many of the children had wild hair that needed taming. Tipperary Salon for kids helped us out on a walk-in basis. I was very impressed with their knowledge of current hair styles and the ability of their stylists to have my kid talent photo ready by the time we left. They even gave us tips on how to keep the hair looking fresh during the shoot. We had the makeup girls for our shoot become instant hair stylists with those great tips. The salon went over and beyond it's call of duty and for that we are greatly in their debt. I can't recommend this salon high enough. It is value, but what is more important is that it is quality. In these financially troubling times can you ask for anything better?

Posh Underground