Tipperary — Hairstyles for Girls and Boys

Looking for the best children’s hair salon in Beverly Hills? Look no further! In business since 1972 and the absolute first in the business of children’s hair care, Tipperary hair salon is the place!

Our professional stylists, all of which have been with Tipperary for a minimum of 20 years, are the experts in children’s hair care and provide kids haircuts that are up to date with the very latest trends in the hair fashion world! Whether your child needs a blow dry, braid, or up-do for a birthday party, or they want to get the same look as their favorite celebrity, Tipperary is your premier Beverly Hills kid’s salon that has the experience and know-how to do it all! We also specialize in specialty hair care services for your children, from baby’s “first haircut” to lice treatments and chlorine removal.

Located at 221 S. Robertson our space is tailored for kids and teens too.Guests are greeted to an array of sweet treats at Tipperary’s candy bar, boys can purchase take home goodies like superhero backpack’s and t-shirts on the spot and girls have first hand access to the ever-so loved line of Sanrio products- which aren’t sold anywhere else in the area. Tipperary also offers a ton of fun distractions for the whole family- from pinball to Pac-Man, comic books and dolls- cookies and take-home toys bring smiles to the end of each service.

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